Wetnotes A5- Report Ghost Gear

Ghost Fishing UK is a fantastic charity formed by scuba divers who work hard giving up their free time to remove debris from the ocean.

Their work is greatly aided through the use of the reporting system on their website, so YOU can let them know where you've seen nets or traps that need to be removed.

In order to make the reporting process easier, Diveproof have created a waterproof survey book that you can keep in the pocket of your BCD or drysuit and fill out when you're on your dives. The QR code on the back cover takes you straight to the reporting page on the website to log the data.


Diveproof waterproof log books are waterproof, weatherproof, chemically resistant, wipe-able, grease proof, tear proof.

Wetnotes A5- Report Ghost Gear

  • Rinse with fresh water after every dive.

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