Are you crafty?

Join our Ghost Gear Creation Competition and win great prizes!

The Judges

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Minibeachcleaner has hit the big time on Instagram with his beautiful, impactful and clever creations from rubbish washed up on our beaches. Real name Louis-Matisse, he will be judging the 1 - 14 years category.

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Mark Cook from 'Afrayedknot' has been a staunch supporter of Ghost Fishing UK from day one. He gathered up all the rope we recovered from lost creel pots in Orkney and turned them into beautiful, ornamental pieces of art - as well as useful items such as door mats. He will be judging the 26 years + category.


Olivier Marc Thomas Leger is a unique artist, inspired by marine wildlife. His intricate drawings can take 6 months to complete and he has been supporting Ghost Fishing UK for years with his stunning prints. He will be judging the middle category, 15 - 25 years.


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