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Made By NONA Recycled Ocean Plastic Clothes Pegs

A clothes peg for ecological stewardship.

Made from discarded fishing nets, the NONA Recycled Ocean Plastic Clothes Peg supports fishing communities and marine ecosystems.

On top of fighting ghost fishing gear and averting ocean plastic pollution, we wanted to make it more convenient than ever to lower your carbon footprint. So, we set out to fix some of the shortcomings of traditional clothes pegs to ensure you never lose your enthusiasm for fighting climate change by hang-drying your clothes.


Never break a clothes peg again.

This ultra-durable, recycled ocean plastic clothes peg is not only preventatively eco-friendly and socially responsible, its sturdy, mono-form shape is practically unbreakable.

Built to withstand exposure to extreme weather and prolonged sunlight, NONA has no moving parts, is durable, dependable, and long-lasting. If it doesn’t outlast you, just recycle it at the end of its life.


Precision form for outstanding functionality.

NONA’s innovative wave feature is not just aesthetically symbolic of our fight for a healthy ocean; the design improves functionality, creating a versatile clothes peg that works with all your laundry. The considered design offers flexibility for anything you hang, regardless of thickness or weight. Gentle enough for your most delicate items, and strong enough to handle the heavy stuff.


Be nicer to your clothes.

We know your wardrobe is important to you. With fabric protection in mind, the NONA clothes peg’s smooth BPA-free plastic is designed to prevent snags, runs, and catches and has eliminated rust and mold stains that are consequences of traditional wooden clothespins. Protect your clothes and the planet.


Kill viruses and bacteria and smell naturally fresh.

Line drying gives you that fresh, sunshiny scent, without toxic chemicals from synthetic fragrances. The sun’s UV rays naturally sterilise and kill viruses and odour-causing bacteria. Enjoy fresh, clean, safe clothing just by hang drying with NONA.


Available in two gorgeous shades and three pack sizes.

NONA Ocean Clothes Pegs are available in Lagoon Blue, Kelp Forest Green or as a Mixed Set. Select a pack size of 20, 30 or 40 pegs

Made By NONA Recycled Ocean Plastic Clothes Pegs

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